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10 Genuine Captcha Entry Sites

The Internet is full of opportunities. Make more money on the Internet than people think. I’ve talked about 20 ways to make money online, without investing. In this article, I will list 7 websites, just type in to make money. All you need to work with is a computer connected to the internet and able to type at least 10 words per minute. There are many Captcha portal sites that only need to address Captcha to make money. I personally tried several Captcha login work site, found that only a few people are real, and pay on time.
What is “Captcha”, why a person will give you money to solve the Captcha?
I’m sure you have to meet Captcha on the Internet several times. Keep in mind that when you sign up for a website, they will ask you to type in the words that are written on the pictures to prove that you are a person, not a robot or something else.
 Captcha Entry Job
 10  Captcha Entry Sites
Now why someone will give you money to solve Captcha. In the case of DEiTY, this is an initiative of the Indian government that provides an opportunity for government agencies to transform their digital businesses.

      1.  2Captcha

2Captcha is one of the best CAPTCHA typing jobs on the site. The advantage of 2Captcha is that Captchas loads very fast, with no more than 10 seconds between CAPtchas. Each solution to the 1000 Captcha, you can earn up to 1.20 US dollars. You get 10 seconds to enter a character, so I hope you will not miss any captcha.
Minimum Payout – PayPal | $ 3 WebMoney | $ 0.5 $ 1 Payza | Perfect Money and AdvCash | $ 1.3 Bitcoins $ 1
Payment Options – PayPal | Payza | WebMoney | Perfect Money | AdvCash | Bitcoin

2. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of Captcha’s favorite homework sites. They will pay $ 0.35 to $ 1 for every 1000 captcha images you are in. For inspiration, check out their latest statistics where you will find the top earners. Like most other Captcha Entry Job sites, they are also strict, so do not make too many mistakes in typing to maintain high accuracy. You need to have $ 5 in your account to withdraw money via PayPal, otherwise $ 1 is the minimum payment for most other withdrawal options.
Minimum compensation – $ 1
Payment Options – Litecoins | Yandex Money | Bitcoin | Paypal | Payza | AdvCash

3. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers is another true Captcha Entry Job site. You need to get admin for free at [email protected] They will mail your official email ID, so do not be fooled by any other crook. You do not need to pay for administrator access.
Minimum payment – $ 2
Payment Options – Payza | Perfect Money | Webmoney | Neteller Paid.
4. VirtualBee / Lionbridge smart crowd
VirtualBee has been providing different types of work (translation, basic web research and typing) since 2001 and is now part of Lionbridge’s Virtual Solutions Platform. Although you do not have the special skills or experience, you need precise typing speed, which will help you pass the compulsory evaluation test as a member of the VirtualBee team. On average, the per-thousand keystrokes can be between 0.10 and 0.35.
Minimum payment – $ 10
Payment Options – Paypal
5. ProTypers
ProTypers Same as MegaTypers. Most of the details on the site are the same. Here, you can also earn $ 0.45 to $ 1.5 for each of the 1000 CAPTCHA images you fix.
You can withdraw money via PayPal, Payza, Western Union, etc.

6. Captcha2Cash

A lot of people make good money on Captcha2Cash. After registering and working through the software, you need to download the latest software.
Once you login, you can find useful information such as FAQs and other help you work smoothly with Cash2Captcha. You can receive your payment via Payza & Perfect Money.
Captcha2Cash pays $ 1 for every 1000 text you enter from the captcha image.

7. PixProfit

Although PixProfit is a good website, but the registration is currently closed. If they open the registration again, we will let you know. You can follow this site on
So these are the top 10 sites for getting started with Captcha. It’s hard to work on all sites at the same time, so you need to check your favorite sites and work from a few sites in the list.
CAPTCHA does not make a lot of money, but many of the other online jobs available here can get you over Rs 20,000 per month. 

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