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Last Update On – 08 th February 2019

This Website is the next updated Version of www.thecareertips.com  Which we Start on December 2016

Welcome you, on India’s fastest growing Educational website LBook Store. A free service of LBook : This site free to use for every one. We create this site in the year of 2015. but in that time this site does not look like that. Our old domain or site address is – www.thecareertips.com currently, this site is the 5th edition of our first version. We start using our costume domain lbookstore.com from the year 2017. And in this page, we going to discuss all our site, the progress, the vison, the team or man behind the site and some technical factors as well.

The site hosting and domain:-lbookstore.com is a high-level global custom domain and we make the agreement with godady.com to use this domain. And visitors can access this domain url for free using the internet. Currently our all website data and images and all other types of supported file we store in godady.com website. .
This Site maintaining by  LBook store.com’s owner Avijit Halder

Avijit Halder(CEO & founder ->LBookstore.com)

Avijit Halder

More About–  Avijit Halder

More Responsible Team Members

Sujay Dey :(Content Writer)

Sujay Dey

More About – Sujay Dey

Sourav Panday (Support team Member)

Sourav Panday

Our main Focus:-

our main focus is to ensure everyone’s Education for free, So we create all type of free educational post on this site, like how to choose your career, which career is perfect for you? How to find and select a job, which job is good and perfect for you? Job preparation, and latest job vacancies updates, the the most important job selection process, Interview tips, questions,and online training also. So all the thing and updates a candidate need for his/her career they can find very easily from here fully free.

Lbook Store Logo

Lbookstore.com Loge

Out Tagline- “India’s most Popular free Learning platform for competitive exam. Guarantee success”.

Our Story

We believe the only way to happy “HELP OTHERS”. Love to help you… https://lbookstore.com “Educational and Skill Development” Site a service of Lbook provide you- A World of opportunity to “Developing Skills & get Success”…. our special services about Interview tips, Job vacancies updates, current affears, Motivational support. Engineering courses. Live Videos. & all are totally free. We hope this engagement between you &The career tips are really worth you.. we fell your value of Time.

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